Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The most amazing, inspiring story

Last night I interviewed someone on the radio who had one of the most unique, inspiring stories I've heard.

Imagine your name is Phil Campbell and you google your name one day and find out that there is a town called "Phil Campbell" in Alabama USA.  You'd want to visit it, right?

Now imagine that you become part of a network of people called Phil Campbell on Facebook.  None of you have ever met, but you decide to hold a convention where you all get together in the town that shares your name.

That's exactly what happened to the Phil Campbell I met last night.  The thing is, three weeks ago a tornado hit the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama and devastated a huge section of the town.  26 people lost their lives.

Now, instead of going over for a convention, a group of people called Phil Campbell are going to Alabama as part of a relief effort to help rebuild the town.  Speaking last night to the Nottingham-based Phil Campbell who is going over, and who is going to be documenting this trip on social media, was a massively inspiring encounter. I'll be following his progress and you can too.  If you're on Twitter go to @philcampbell (the other Phils must be annoyed this guy got there first).

Here's the news coverage this story is getting in the US.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Well, it's happened.  At last.  Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon have had twins.  I know you were waiting for this.  I certainly was.  I'd planned out what astrological sign these children might or might not be and everything.

Celebrity baby names are always.... unique... so I was fascinated to hear that the boy is named "Moroccan" - which is the name of the top tier of their apartment where Nick proposed to Mariah.

Imagine, naming your child after your apartment?  There would be so many "Number 47" and "D9"s in the world today if that were the case.  That said, many people like to follow in the footsteps of celebs, so watch out if you're a teacher.  In ten years time you could be reading out the register and wondering why "23 Block 4" is absent.