Thursday, 18 December 2014

Santa loses delivery contract to Amazon

In a shock move before Christmas, Santa has lost the right to deliver gifts in two of his most profitable territories.

The contracts to Europe and North America were terminated this morning as part of tough new competition laws.  Speculation is rife that the new contractor Amazon will be using drones rather than a sleigh.

Santa, trading as North Pole Enterprises, is now faced with the prospect of selling off much of his stock at a vastly reduced price.  One elf, who spoke on condition of anonymity said: "We've got a job lot of Peppa Pig onesies that we're never going to shift now.  To terminate the contract so soon before Christmas is almost definitely a political move.  His recent criticisms of the banking system probably led to this.  Or it could have been the swearing at the children's concert."

The ETU (Elf Trade Union) has said it will fight for its members' employment rights with many fearing Amazon will use non-elf labour for the first time in Christmas gift production and dispatch history.

A spokesperson for the United States Government said "Everyone is incredibly sentimental about reindeer and sleigh delivery but in 2014 it is less and less viable economically.  Added to this the environmental health impact of reindeer droppings from 2,000 feet is incredibly negative.  We feel that the time had come for change and we wish Santa all the best with his future endeavours".

This morning a large quantity of reindeer meat was put on sale on eBay from a North Pole-based account.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Arms trade Black Friday ends in war over an aircraft carrier

Black Friday has, once again, brought out the worst in people as world leaders lined up at midnight outside Gerry's Arms Emporium in Norfolk, England in the hope of getting a bargain weapon of mass destruction.

When the doors opened the US and Russian presidents were seen wrestling an aircraft carrier out of each other's hands in the hope that they would be the one to save $2bn on the recommended retail price.

Putin lost the carrier to Obama but picked up three tanks for the price of two and is driving them to a US airbase in the UK, causing a serious international incident and sparking a war with the British.

Speaking for the United Nations, Annabel Bates Head of Pricing and Consumer Chaos said: "We have seen these scenes before.  Last year two representatives from Pakistan pushed in line so that they could buy a rocket launcher before the French.  A row developed but eventually the French surrendered.  Today's scenes, however, are a considerable worry not least because Vladimir Putin insisted on removing his shirt and oiling up before trying to wrestle Barack Obama."

Black Friday is an increasingly international consumer event and most branches of retail have embraced its low-price, high violence mentality.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"We want to eavesdrop on you at parties" - Theresa May

The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, is to publish a new counter terrorism bill that allows her to "drop in to any party within a two mile radius" in order that she can eavesdrop on conversations.  The new bill, known as "gossip girl" allows the Home Secretary or appointed ministers access to homes and businesses if they are "having a social function, serving canapes or opening a bottle of fizz".

A spokesperson said: "We know that a lot of criminal activities happen at parties so having a member of the Government present allows us to witness this behaviour first hand whilst holding a mini sausage roll in the other hand.  That way we can go back and produce more relevant legislation and reduce our expenses claims for mini sausage rolls".

Liberal Democrats within the coalition say they will block the move.  One senior Lib Dem source said: "This is typical Theresa.  She suffers with serious FOMO everytime there's a party going on.  Last year she crashed our party conference because she heard we had opened a bottle of Waitrose Prosecco in the hotel.  I wouldn't mind but I'd opened it in the privacy of my own hotel room.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Theresa May sipping from a champagne flute whilst using my bidet".

This move follows on from several other controversial bills including one where the Transport Minister announced that he was going to turn up on people's driveways to kick their tyres.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Geldof furious after Apple adds Bono to the Band Aid single

Apple's decision to automatically include Bono on the new Band Aid charity single has enraged Bob Geldof and left some fans in disbelief.

The single, released this week, has already raised huge amounts for a good cause but many people are wondering how Bono automatically appeared on it.  "I heard all the artists I know, like Clean Bandit and One Direction, and then this other voice.  Turns out it's some guy called Bono who I clearly did not expect to be in my ears" said Hannah Wrigglesworth (15).

Bono has put out a statement saying: "Oops, I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea. Might have gotten carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that kind of thing: A drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, a dash of self-promotion, and deep fear that if I wasn't on the latest Band Aid single that people might forget I was on all the others".

Geldof admitted he was "angry and confused.  "Bono wasn't in the studio.  Quite how he managed to do this deal with Apple where they simply put him in the song without me knowing is beyond me."

Apple have offered iTunes users a free device that removes Bono from their consciouness.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

UK Banks: Nobody talks about our high quality drama

The UK banking sector has hit out at critics for always focussing on the negative aspects of their businesses.  In a statement released from one of their money pits, the FUKBS (Federation of the UK Banking Sector) said it was "as complex as any human".

The statement appealed for people to consider all parts of their sector.  "Yeah, so we caused a global financial crisis the like of which most living people have never experienced, however that one thing should not define us.  Some of us are in drama groups and the head of one of the largest UK banks gained a lot of acclaim for directing the John Godber play "Bouncers" in June.  Why hasn't that made headlines?

"No one seems to want to talk about our drama.  The Chief Finance Officer of one of the bailed out banks is an exceptional baritone who has a string of lead parts in musicals to his name.  Where are the Tony Awards for him?  He gets passed over simply because he is part of the financial sector that is still part-owned by the tax payer.  Sure, some of us banks have foreclosed on families and caused global hardship, but we've also brought joy to thousands through the medium of theatre.  It's not all one sided you know."

Public reaction to the statement has been mixed.  Helen Pick from Sheffield said: "I think we got them wrong.  It's easy to criticise, but let's face it, who hasn't caused financial panic on a global scale in one sense or another?  I know I have."

However, Peter Street from Sussex said: "I know they are trying to do good things in their spare time but if they really cared they wouldn't focus on established theatre, they'd help a developing art form like improvised comedy."

An off-West End revival of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical "Carousel" starring bankers from across the sector opens tonight.  Tickets start at £55 with a £35 government subsidy.

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallowe'en sales down due to gamers complaining costumes "not as realistic as game graphics"

Sales of hallowe'en merchandise have taken a massive downturn this year due to an organised boycott by the gaming community.

Writing in an online forum at 3.26am, unicorn_pickle said "Costumes in shops are whack.  I am totes staying in on Friday and doing it virtually. There's a store round the corner from me selling blood soaked pumpkin heads and they look like they were made in a craft lesson by an 8 year old.  Screw that".

Psychologist Angora Lesion said this was another sign that this incredibly powerful community is taking a more activist stance in the world.  "We all know these people enjoy staying inside away from what they regard as a world that will never be as good as they can experience online or in games.  However their critique of the real world is more vocal than ever before.  In five years from now it's likely these people will only leave the house with a virtual reality helmet on to enhance their real world experiences".

One knock-on effect of this boycott is that homes will be left with spare chocolate, potentially fuelling the current obesity epidemic.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "This is typical of the gaming community and their iron will to change how we socialise.  How is my child supposed to know what it's like to be sworn at by the elderly or have a door slammed in their face if they can't take part in Halloween."

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Murderous star of one man show "acted alone" say police and theatre critics

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

David Cameron confronted on street by own conscience

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been confronted by his own conscience while out walking in Leeds.

His security agents appeared powerless as Mr Cameron's conscience confronted him on subjects such as poverty, privilege and his favourite Pet Shop Boys song.  The exchange, which was witnessed by numerous passers-by, is believed to have lasted just a couple of minutes but has left Mr Cameron "shaken and confused" according to an official spokesman.

A close friend of the Prime Minister said: "David always thought his conscience was clear, but it turns out it's more translucent, with a glowing outline.  It looks very much like him but it wears a gold chain and a shell suit.  It's as if Mr Cameron's conscience has been shopping in Sports Direct. David has never seen himself represented like this and is exceptionally bemused by the encounter."

The incident has once again raised the issue of how effective Mr Cameron's security detail actually is.  However, Securiforce 4 - the private contractor dealing with the PM's security - says this isn't their fault.  "As a security provider with 9 months of experience in the security sector we could not possibly have foreseen this incident.  Mr Cameron has never been confronted by his conscience so we have no previous experience in this area."

Supporters of the opposition were cheered by the news.  One Labour supporter said: "If David Cameron can be confronted by his conscience maybe there's hope that Ed Miliband can be confronted by his personality.  Or at least by a personality of some sort, even if it's not actually his."

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