Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What I Love About "The Choir"

You'd expect someone who has sung in church choirs since he was eight years old to adore the BBC2 show "The Choir" and I do. The main reason I love it, however, isn't because I'm a singer. Whilst it's amazing to see people who have never sung with others before discover the joy it brings, this programme shows a far greater phenomenon.

This programme shows ordinary people achieving the "impossible". Gareth Malone's challenge is to take people of all ages from a Hertfordshire town and turn them into a series of choirs of which the community can be proud. He's not chosen a well-to-do town full of people who already have the ability to read music well either. I cannot express how inspiring it is to watch as people who don't believe they will be able to achieve the lofty musical goals Gareth has set them achieve feats they never imagined possible.

As a hypnotist in my spare time I get immense pleasure in meeting people who believe it's "impossible" for them to hold a spider without the world ending and then, within an hour, seeing their whole perception of what's "possible" change when they hold one for the first time.

A couple of months ago, coach and author Michael Neill did an amazing 30 day online course called "Creating The Impossible" in which he encouraged 500 of us to each set a goal we thought we'd have a less than 50% chance of achieving and to then spend 30 days achieving it. Did we all make it to our goal? No. Did we all achieve way more than we ever thought possible? Absolutely.

Gareth Malone seems to like ambitious projects. He once directed a number of us in a 24 hour 'Mad Show' in Poole. We all turned up at 7pm on a Friday night and were told we'd be performing a version of 'Treasure Island' the following night at 7pm. We auditioned and then rehearsed in the subsequent 24 hours. It was quite an experience! Did I think we'd do a half decent show? Well, I wasn't convinced when I arrived, but when the lights went up that night I think everyone experienced something they never thought possible.

Next time I dismiss an ambition by telling myself it's "impossible" or "never going to happen" I'm going to be having a very serious word with myself - and changing my mind!