Wednesday, 1 August 2012

There Is No Such Thing As Sports News

This may prove to be an unpopular posting during the Olympics but I have an issue with "sports news".

Already I can feel friends squirming so let me qualify. I'm fine with sports being covered on sports channels. I really am. I'm more than ok with sports having coverage on other channels too as part of regularly scheduled programming. All power to you and your love of sport and the talented people who keep abreast of such things.

Here's my issue. News programmes, news bulletins and news channels report "sports news". Why? Why is that seen as important to include as war, poverty, political cock-ups and unusual events involving chinchillas?

Sport is of no major social consequence unless it has the knock-on effect of a riot or the phenomena / financial effect of the Olympics. News, if it is anything, is surely what has a real impact on our lives. Cheshire Drongos vs Solihull Ambidextrous isn't news. It's sport.

If we are going to keep "sports news" (and I'm sure this blog won't cause decision makers to see the error of their season ticket) I propose we introduce "Arts News". I want to hear which improv team is playing The Glee Club or which play is currently touring the UK. This almost never happens in news programmes. It should.

News graphics on TV are already over the top and arty so just think how much fun the graphics department can have by representing plays, improv, standup and the like. It'll be tremendous.

Now go enjoy the Olympics and remember... many performers brought you that wonderful opening ceremony - so go see some of their shows.